Creating personalised online experiences without sacrificing privacy

Creating personalised online experiences without sacrificing privacy

For e-commerce

Our technology, BOON Spotlight, integrates directly into e-commerce stores, creating a digital personal shopping experience for online shoppers. The product-discovery tool delivers increased engagement, sales and unparalleled customer insights.

For consumers

To capture their desire and intent, we take consumers on a journey through psychology-backed, image-based questions. Our bespoke AI analyses these anonymous responses and delivers truly private, state-of-the-art personalisations and recommendations.

What is BOON?

Example set of questions in BOON's software Example set of questions in BOON's software

BOON is an award-winning startup that creates personalised experiences for online users without the need for surreptitious tracking.

We use psychology research to design fun, engaging, image-based questions and take users on a dynamic journey as they build anonymous profiles.

Our bespoke AI analyses the responses and generates personal recommendations; delivering conversion uplift for our e-commerce clients.

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Groundbreaking e-commerce tech

We've created a new way to shop, which uses groundbreaking AI and powerful filtering to shortlist the best products for each shopper, helping them discover their next purchase. BOON Spotlight leads consumers through a set of dynamic questions that use filtering and psychology-backed AI give meaningful product recommendations.

Used as either a personal shopping assistant or gift finder, BOON Spotlight increases conversions by up to 85%, ATV by up to 30%, and delivers actionable insights from aggregated question responses.

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Consumers deserve better

We are consumer-minded and privacy-first, and it shows in our technology. Everyone is now accustomed to getting a personalised experience online, and although awareness is growing, many do not understand the extent of the tracking or the value of their data.

We took a new approach when designing our AI, building with privacy-in-mind from the ground up. Through our questions, users control what data they provide and are forgotten as soon as the window is closed - no cookies to track you for months on end.

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Meet the founders

The founders of BOON, Dylan John Grey and Mike Oakley are passionate about using artificial intelligence to improve user experience.

As CEO, Dylan drives the company towards its vision - the internet for you; not the masses. In his role as CTO, Mike leads the development of our groundbreaking technology.

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To recap...

We are creating a new way to deliver personalised experiences online, where we prioritise user privacy, data control and enjoyable interactions.

Our e-commerce integration, BOON Spotlight, delivers a bespoke, engaging shopping experience, increasing conversions through personalisation.

We continue to work on technology to help improve the experience of consumers online while ensuring they remain anonymous and forgotten.

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