Private, personalised online experiences.

We're on a mission to create personalised online experiences for every individual, without sacrificing their privacy.

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What is BOON?

We believe that technology should help us all live our best life. With so much of life being online, that means everyone deserves a browsing experience tailored to them.

BOON is an award-winning startup, combining psychology research and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to help businesses provide a personalised experience for their customers. Our unique approach avoids endless tracking in favour of presenting meaningful interactions for the user, and all built with data privacy, transparency and control at the forefront.

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Man using a laptop looking confused, with an arrow to the same man looking happy and engaged
BOON Spotlight logo on an indigo background

Introducing Spotlight

BOON Spotlight enables businesses to tap into our insight. With an effortless integration procedure, any online business can benefit from our unique personality deduction and recommendation technology - increasing user satisfaction, conversions and improving user experience.

BOON Spotlight logo on an indigo background

Privacy by design

You don't want to be followed around, having every action you take recorded, and neither do we. Our user profiles for recommendations are based on data that they explicitly provide, not data that has been surreptitiously collected as they browse.

Users can remain completely anonymous or create an account to view, edit and delete all their data used to personalise their experience. That's transparency and control at its finest.

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Creating a personalised browsing experience

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Full data control and transparency

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Groundbreaking AI recommendation engine

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Psychology research for personality deduction

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Online businesses can increase conversions

Meet the founders

The founders of BOON, Dylan John Grey and Mike Oakley, are passionate about using artificial intelligence to improve user experience.

As CEO, Dylan drives the company towards its vision - the internet for you; not the masses. In his role as CTO, Mike leads the development of our groundbreaking technology.

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